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Return and Refund policies

Last Revised: August, 2022

Welcome to BeeHere‘s Return and Refund policies! As explained in our Delivery policies and Terms of Service, BeeHere does not handle logistics of shipping of products sold by local businesses (Merchants) via BeeHere. Each Merchant on BeeHere handles their own products, their delivery and defines their refund and return policies as well. If you need to return your purchased products and would like to get a refund, the Merchant on BeeHere you purchased the product from, is responsible for informing you about your return and refund rights on their eShop page.
Regardless of our policy, you may find the it helpful to know what your rights as a consumer in general are and so we putted together a quick overview below.

Your Consumer rights according to the law

In Switzerland, e-commerce is mainly governed by the Federal Law Against Unfair Competition (LCD; RS 241) the Order on the Indication of Prices (OIP; RS 942.211), and also the Swiss Code of Obligations (CO; RS 220). Additionally, Swiss ecommerce and ecommerce in the European Union has to follow the Directive on Consumer Rights (Directive 2011/83/EU) and the Directive on Electronic Commerce (Directive 2000/31/EU).

According to the Swiss KMU Poral (LINK) regarding your return and refund rights, it is stated that “In e-commerce, Swiss law does not provide for any withdrawal period or other right of return once the order has been placed. The seller can provide for such a clause, but has no obligation to do so. The Code of Ethics of the HANDELSVERBAND.SWISS, however, provides for a 14-day right of return, which only commits members of the”.

Regarding Warranty, the Swiss KMU Portal states: “If a product presents a defect or does not offer the promised characteristics, the buyer has two years in which to file a warranty action. The law provides for termination of the contract (Art. 208 CO) or refund of the decrease in value of the item sold (Art. 205 CO). A right to warranty (compensation) may be agreed contractually in addition to or instead of this.

Our suggestion for you is to be cautious about category of products you buy, as certain categories can’t be returned, refunded or by default have not warranty guaranteed by the law. A good example are perishable goods and consumable goods, like food products, or certain cosmetics products, but also certain digital products. Therefore, as we mentioned above, always refer to Merchant’s own policies, where they should disclose such information. … and when in doubt, just drop a message to the Merchant and ask.