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BeeHere Delivery policies

Last Revised: August, 2022

Welcome to BeeHere‘s Delivery policies! BeeHere’s policies are quite short, simply because we do not handle any logistics of shipping or picking up products from the Businesses on BeeHere and providing it to the Consumers. This is solely the responsibility of businesses (Merchants) on BeeHere as defined in our Terms of Service. As a result, eShops on BeeHere may offer different shipping options and you may see and choose these already on the individual product pages. It is also a good idea to refer to eShops delivery policies, which should be defined on their eShop page on BeeHere. This will help you learn more about your options, but also prevent confusion or even wrong expectation altogether.

Now that that is off the table, here is what you need to understand about shipping by Merchants on BeeHere.

How to understand Merchants’ delivery options

Every Merchant on BeeHere has an option to define their own delivery policies on their eShop page and the shipping options for each product individually on the product page. 

What is the difference between delivery policies and shipping options

A delivery policy is a document that outlines a Merchant's delivery practices. A delivery policy may address topics such as estimated delivery range, shipping costs, delivery locations, delivery methods, best practice, but also what to be aware of or not to expect. For example, in delivery policy a Merchant may inform Consumers that they deliver only on working days.

Shipping options, on the other hand, are options that Merchant provides to Consumer in order for Consumer to choose the type, urgency and price of delivery. For example, Merchant may provide an option for Consumer to receive a product in an express delivery by courier which will cost 10 CHF. 
If Merchant enables Consumers to pick up their products personally, the available options for self-pickup are also mentioned in the Shipping options.

What delivery options can you expect

Merchants on BeeHere may provide one or multiple of the options listed below and their combination. It is up to the business to define these and also to select a price for each combination of delivery option and urgency option. 

Delivery options



Merchant him/her-self

Custom (other options defined by the merchant)

Urgency options




As a Consumer you can choose your shipping option throughout the purchasing process, meaning on the product page, in the cart, but also during the checkout.

How does self-pickup work

Self-pickup is a type of shipping where a Consumer personally goes and collects the purchased products. The Merchant provides options of time and place and Consumer may select one of the options during the purchase. During the Checkout, Consumer chooses a date when he/she will pick up the products personally and the deal is sealed. Now it is up to the Merchant to make sure the selected products for self-pickup are ready when the Consumer comes by to collect the items. 
Please be aware, that all payments on BeeHere are digital and therefore upfront. After the purchase, all you need to do is just collect your items on a chosen date. You do not have to pay anything on top when collecting your items.